Important update regarding your ConFlow Power license

Dear License Holder,

We have been progressing steadily ConFlow since the launch, achieving a number of
important accomplishments. While this progress has not been without its difficulties, and
the goal of a uniquely innovative renewable power source has many more challenges ahead,
we are confident we will build a profitable business on the base we have already
established, and continue to rise to the challenges ahead with the same confidence as we
have thus far.

As part of the growth strategy we are undertaking a secondary issue of licenses on the
ILOCX to further the business plan into the commercial lighting sector. This secondary issue
has arisen due to a large transaction, negotiated and agreed in the USA, which will generate
significant revenue. The transaction has necessitated the undertaking of a corporate
restructure into a holding company, resulting in the formation of ConFlow Power Group
Limited which will issue new licenses.

This means that our current ConFlow license holders have a choice to make at this juncture.
You currently hold a license right in ConFlow purchased at $20.00 per unit and have already
received the $6.00 royalty paid last year. This had the effect of the trading price going to
$60.00 and some people have already sold at this level.

We now intend to offer to buy up to 10% of the qualified licenses at $60.00 as at May 22 nd
2020. We will purchase any sell orders placed on the trading platform at ILOCX to a
maximum of 10% per license holder position. If you wish to sell at $60.00 per license you
should place a sell order on the platform at before 22 nd May 2020.

The alternative choice is to stay with ConFlow and receive a new license issued at $95 in the
new holding company as a swap for your existing license in ConFlow. You will still be eligible
for future royalty payments on the new license. If you wish to stay with ConFlow and
already have a sell order in place, you can cancel this before 22 nd May 2020 and participate
in this next phase of growth.

The terms of the secondary issue of licenses are as follows:
300,000 units will be issued at $95.00 paying 10% of gross revenue as a royalty to eligible
license holders. There is a provision to issue a further 30,000 units in this offering to cover
the first-year royalty payments. Therefore, by year 2, the issue may consist of 330,000 units
at $95.00.

Please see attached case study of all the achievements made in 2019 or view online at

With our best regards,
ConFlow Power

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