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ColdWhere is a revolutionary platform utilizing IoT reusable temperature monitoring systems that are capable of continuously measuring the temperature.

ColdWhere is a revolutionary cold-chain solution. Our IoT monitoring system outperforms competition on every level. ColdWhere X SERIES allows you to track, tempter sensitive shipments anywhere in the world, with any transportation method. Sat+Cell+ Bluetooth+WifI makes us the only monitoring device that works anytime and where around the globe. ColdWhere is a revolutionary solution, our devices capture seven different measurements, that no other platform currently provides.
For a purchase price of $50 you receive 1 license. We are committed to pay a royalty of 10% of revenue received by Coldwhere, prorated based on the number of units owned by qualified license holders. Our projected estimated revenues are as follow:

Year 1


Year 2


Year 3


Coldwhere projected revenue

Projected Coldwhere ILO Value

In addition to paying you a royalty, at the end of the 3rd year we can choose to extend the license for another 3 years, or buy the ILO back for cash should we conduct a major financing.   ILO Value is the estimated value of your ILO in USD ($). This is calculated using our projected revenue numbers. Therefore if our revenue projections are realistic and achievable, this is a good estimation of the buy out price you should expect at different stages.

Recent News

01/04/2019 - - Go Live Date!

01/04/2019 - - X3S satellite and cellular IOT - First satellite and cellular IOT Cold-chain device to market, the devices are in the field, customers are loving it.

15/02/2019 - - Master Service Agreement Signed with Maestro Wireless - Maestro wireless one of the worlds leading IoT manufacturers has contracted ColdWhere to build a revolutionary platform/portal for their customers. Including but not limited to device management and monitoring. https://www.maestro-wireless.com/

09/02/2019 - - Devices in field no bugs - Devices in the field with customers like JC Watson.

04/01/2019 - - VAR GlobalStar - ColdWhere is now a value-added reseller for GlobalStar, a leading provider in LEO satellite data communications.

30/12/2018 - - End to End Cold-Chain Portal - Cold-chain portal developed and completed.