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MariamTek finds profitable solutions for the biggest problems in healthcare and the environment. We help these solutions reach the market by partnering with a combination of cash flow positive and near-profitable companies. By developing revolutionary solutions that are set to shake global markets, we can mitigate the risk of biotechnology investment while achieving our vision of sustainable philanthropy. This is all made possible through careful selection, managed development and global deployment. FINANCIALS Through innovative financial planning, MariamTek has the potential to generate high returns and additional revenue streams for our buyers. Our ILO provides the opportunity for supporters to receive revenue with a relatively short waiting period. The technology startups we work with must have the potential for large returns, a transformative or disruptive solution, a platform technology with multiple applications, a short development time, a well demarcated regulatory pathway, a strong Intellectual Property position and demonstrated safety. Additionally we look at the global footprint of the solution: opportunities for regional manufacturing and distribution, recruitment of key opinion leaders among physicians, business people and government ministers. If the solution is healthcare related, it ideally is a natural product (already in our bodies), be stable & easily transportable, while remaining affordable for all citizens. HEALTHCARE We work with a variety of healthcare solutions, with a focus on prevention, treatment and restoration. These cover a range of sectors, including infectious disease, atherosclerosis, cancer, tissue damage and aging/dementia. Examples of our technology discoveries include: Pain-free needleless vaccinations. This helps to cure needle-phobia while being more convenient, and eliminates the need for a temperature-controlled supply chain. This decreases costs and prevents sharps waste. Our trauma treatment sector features solutions for the global blood bank shortage. Through innovative technology, we can circumvent the global platelet shortage and provide red blood cell substitutes for oxygen delivery during medical emergencies such as massive blood loss. The MG53 natural “molecular bandage” from Axolo repairs injury to cells, which preserves organs and saves lives. This has endless clinical uses such as for stroke, heart attacks, kidney failure, liver damage, lung damage, aging, ALS etc. We’re also introducing the LifePak, which is a blood bank in a backpack. This highly portable solution is designed for trauma resuscitation at the scene of injury. There’s no need for blood typing, refrigeration or technicians - helping to save lives. ENVIRONMENT MariamTek has a range of environmental partners with solutions to help mitigate the negative effects of petroleum-based plastics and polyester. One of our key partners, Natural Fiber Welding (NFW), has developed a new circular chemical process that adds amazing strength and functionality to plant-based cellulose fibers. This technology replaces the need for petroleum-based plastics and yarn and will transform the multi-trillion textile, leather-goods, shoe, luggage and furnishing industries. The end resulting products are 100% recyclable or compostable. NFW’s technology unlocks the power of plants and supports their rallying cry, “Plants, Not Plastics™. NFW has already received investment and/or formed partnerships with major fashion producers of polo shirts and luxury interiors for high end car makers. MariamTek is introducing NFW’s technology to various regions of the world through the supply of their eco-friendly materials to designers, artisans and manufacturers.

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February 15, 2021 - MariamTek lists on ILOCX - ILOCX is pleased to announce the listing of MariamTek. MariamTek finds profitable solutions to life’s problems in healthcare and the environment and brings them to the world market.