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RevealiQ is a one of a kind, award winning, mobile facilities & operations management platform uniquely positioned to capture a tremendous growth opportunity in the operations and facilities management market. RevealiQ helps small to medium sized businesses improve business performance by automating workflow tasks and providing complete control & insight over asset management, equipment maintenance, workforce productivity & vendor support.

RevealiQ is transforming operations management in the small business market

A gap exists in the market for small to mid-sized businesses who need affordable, full service operations management technology.

The restaurant & grocery verticals are in desperate need due to narrow profit margins & a heavy reliance on operational efficiency.

RevealiQ is the only technology of its kind offering small businesses a full utility, affordable platform to gain control over their operations

We promise to pay a royalty of 10% of all sales (revenue) divided evenly among qualified license holders. Our projected revenues are as follows:

Year 1


Year 2


Year 3


Projected ILO Value

In addition to paying you a royalty, at the end of the 3rd year we can choose to extend the license for another 3 years, convert it to equity should we advance enough to take a public listing on a stock exchange, or buy the ILO back for cash should we conduct a major financing.

ILO Value is the estimated value of your ILO in USD ($). This is calculated using our projected revenue numbers. Therefore if our revenue projections are realistic and achievable, this is a good estimation of the buy out price you should expect at different stages.

Recent News

1st October 2020 - - Launch Artificial Intelligence - Integrate artificial intelligence to support financial & manpower investment forecasting. Harmonize data inputs from equipment maintenance & workforce metrics.

1st April 2020 - - Integrate Inventory Management - Launch markets only project based inventory management capability within RevealiQ. Expand RevealiQ capabilities to markets & existing customers.

31st October 2019 - - Launch Gamification - Integrate gamification to drive workforce & vendor adoption.

30th April 2019 - - Launch Dashboard Analytics - Introduce dynamic dashboard capabilities for business insight

Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a qualified buyer, we are offering a 3-year license in RevealiQ for a purchase price of $45. During that time, we promise to pay royalites on revenue received by RevealiQ of: Yr.1: 10%,  Yr.2: 10%,  Yr.3: 10%. See projected sales on this page above.

At the end of the 3rd year we elect to either roll the license again for another 3 years as its going great or convert it to equity should we advance enough to take a public listing on a stock exchange, or finally, buy the ILO back for cash should we conduct a major financing.

To qualify your license purchases and receive royalties RevealiQ require that you share their promotional materials to your social networks, or directly to friends and family.

Please view the documents below, our website, RevealiQ and feel free to contact us with any other unanswered questions.


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