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The SOLVAQUA proprietary clean technology/environmental process is an effective solution to wastewater management – whether it’s water for industrial use, agriculture, or community infrastructure; or even clean, fresh water for reuse.

It is estimated that over 80% of wastewater worldwide (over 95% in some developing countries) is released into the environment without treatment. A United-Nations backed study showed that the volume of annual treated wastewater in North America roughly equates to the volume of Niagara Falls; less than 4 percent is reused.

Our technology platform provides clean water for re-use for many different purposes such as: irrigation, drinking water, fish farms, recreation and many more. This provides a solution to an existing sustainability problem.


solvAQUA’s technology platform will displace or compliment the use of the current physical and chemical processes. This process will reduce the amount of discharge of untreated wastewater, decrease the amount of injected produced water, and minimize the trucking of produced water.

Our clean tech enables the water to effectively be discharged, reused, recovered, or provide a more effective secondary treatment process. Traditionally, no single treatment process or commercial device will remove all forms of oil (emulsified, free or dissolved) in oil-water mixtures.

SOLVAQUA is a disruptive technology that uses a proprietary blend of nano-polymerization and precise engineering and automation to capture both the oil & grease, oily waste and total suspended solids (TSS) separating them from the water and if required, provide a cutting-edge desalination solution. Our revolutionary technology platform works on the nanoscale, helping to treat wastewater while limiting our environmental impact. Small scale, but large processing capability!

In five years, we plan for our technology platform to be directly related to the processing of over 400,000 m3/day (2.5 million barrels) of produced wastewater per day. This will in turn reduce the use of freshwater and as an added benefit, reduce CO2 emissions by reducing the number of trucks utilized to transport water.

Our strategy is as follows:
Provide our proprietary non-toxic chemical blend (our technology) to large wastewater facilities to enable cost-effective processing.

Build equipment and provide our proprietary non-toxic chemical blend (our technology platform) to enable processing of small volumes of wastewater from 80 m3 to 16,000 m3/day. 20 Units per year, 4,000 m3 per day per unit.

The solvAQUA process has been tested in the United States, Canada, Mexico and South America; onshore and offshore. Hundreds of tests and several commercial projects have confirmed that our technology platform works with oil and gas, industrial, and municipal wastewater streams. Our process reduces the discharge of untreated wastewater, injection of produced water, and trucking of produced water. All reduce impact on the environment and reduce costs.

solvAQUA’s ILO provides the opportunity for anyone to support sustainable wastewater practices. With over $15m of revenue projected for 2021-2022, there’s never been a better time to help reduce the environmental impact of various industries, while making money. Get involved today.

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