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THIS AGREEMENT is between Conflow Power Group Limited (“the Company”), - AND – The Buyer who is the Current License Holder as determined by the Live Ledger held by ILOCX which holds details of licenses issued bought and sold (“the Buyer”).

This license commences on:

October 6, 2020

Details of the Licensed Product are described on the Company’s page hosted on the site at

Special Conditions:


Minimum Requirements for Qualification are a confirmed share of the Company’s information and Promotional Message on social media. This can be done on the ILOCX platform. Alternative ways to qualify are at the discretion of the company selling the license.

Initial price per license:


Under the License Agreement the buyer is entitled to royalty payments once qualified

Each License receives a royalty equal to 10% of the Gross Revenues from the recorded and officially filed revenue, divided by 3300000, the total amount of ILO Units in the Initial Licence Offering. All royalties will be paid to the Buyer’s wallet on the ILOCX platform within 5 days of payment settlement from the company. These days will be announced prior to release.

This License is for an Initial Term of 3 years at which time the Licence can be extended by the issuing Company for a further 3 years, (a “Rollover”) and new terms may be set by the company at this time in line with ILOCX exchange rules and guidelines. Alternatively, the Company may offer to buy the License back from the Buyer (“a ‘Buyback”). The Company will give notice of Rollover terms or Buyback Price 90 days before the end of the Initial Term, as outlined in the Buyer Terms and Conditions.

All licenses must be valid and deemed qualified to benefit from the Royalty and the Rollover or Buyback.

This Agreement should be read in conjunction with the License Terms and Conditions, the Company Terms and Conditions, the Buyer Terms and Conditions and the ILOCX Terms of Use which form part of this entire Agreement, as well all ILOCX rules, policies, rulings and procedural requirements (collectively the “ILOCX Terms and Conditions”).

All parties have read and agreed to comply with the ILOCX Terms and Conditions, this Agreement, and any documents included by reference above. These may be amended from time to time and the parties will be notified by email of such amendments. Breach of any of the terms of this agreement may result in termination of this Agreement under the termination procedures outlined in the License Terms and Conditions.

This Agreement shall be governed by the laws of England and Wales and the parties exclusively submit to the jurisdiction of the Courts of England and Wales. In the event of any dispute, refer to the terms and conditions for the procedure.

Agreed on behalf of the Company:
The Company confirms its consent to this License Agreement by presenting the ILO for sale on the ILOCX platform.

Agreed on behalf of the Buyer:
The Buyer consents to this agreement by completing their order on ILOCX.


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Conflow Power Group

Conflow Power has developed the smartest of smart street lighting, that uses the grid as a backup and incorporates a range of technologies from cameras, and 5G transmitters, to gunshot detection and weather and air quality monitoring stations.

Recent News

October 6, 2020 - ConFlow Power Group Ltd effects a 10 for 1 license split on the ILOCX and launches its Secondary Offer to License holders - Today the board of directors have requested to split the $95.00 ILO units into ten units per one unit issued. This means all license holders at today's date will see 10 times more licenses in their accounts at the price of $9.50.

September 22, 2020 - ConFlow Power Group Limited sells the USA territorial license for its combined lighting and power-based technology for 50,000,000 USD - ConFlow Power Group Limited is pleased to confirm the closing of USA license terms for all current and future technology to ConFlow USA Inc.

March 21, 2020 - Conflow Power Group step up their focus on lighting - Conflow is pleased to announce its new focus will be in the lighting sector.

London, Jan 31, 2020 - ConFlow Power pays out royalties of $6 per licence - E-Getx Limited, Conflow Power, has paid in full a royalty of USD $6.00 per license

Bloomberg, August 2, 2019 - British Company Launches World-changing Battery Technology - UK based company has launched a self-recharging battery.

Frequently Asked Questions

During the licence period, we promise to pay a royalty of 10% of all sales made by Conflow Power. This promises to be substantial and is assisted by you and your promotion of Conflow Power.

At the end of the 3rd year we elect to either roll the license again for another 3 years, or buy the ILO back for cash should we conduct a major financing.